Ayo Adekunle & Associates is a registered estate surveying and valuation
firm which has been in existence since 2016 with the goal of rendering professional services

Valuation & Appraisals

At Ayo Adekunle and associates, we are quite aware of the need for accurate and unbiased valuation reports in property market. An accurate valuation exercise forms basis of assessing suitability for security of loans or mortgage, debts recovery, determination of value, performance analysis, management of risk, purchase and sale advice, financial and Investment decisions. We issue valuation Certificate on these assets and property types for different purposes. We perform valuation on assets and property types which include but not limited to:

  • Residental
  • Commericial
  • Industrial
  • Plant, Machinery & Equipment
  • Furnitures, Fittings & Fixtures
  • Agricultual Lands
  • Statutory Valuation (Ratings, Compensation, Taxation)