Ayo Adekunle & Associates is a registered estate surveying and valuation
firm which has been in existence since 2016 with the goal of rending professional services

Property Development & Management

At Ayo Adekunle and Associates, we undertake feasibility and viability studies of property and real estate development projects in order to ascertain the practicability and profitability of the development showing the technical, economic and financial analyses of the projects to ensure valid decision making and effective execution. Services we render under property development include; Feasibility and Viability Studies, Advising prospective clients on suitable sites for proposed project, procurement of title documents on clients’ behalf, Supervision and Monitoring of Project from conception to completion.

Our seasoned property management team adequately and efficiently manages properties in our management portfolio through Selection of tenants, Collection of Rents, Keeping of Records and Due Filing of Documents, Attending to Tenants’ complaints, Routine Management Inspection, Attending to Repairs and Maintenance

Our Management functions include the management of estates/properties for various identified objectives, such as profit, efficiency and social goals. This involves the direction and supervision of interests in land and landed properties, efficiently and with professional skills with the aim at achieving the goal(s) of the property owner which could be economic, social, prestige, etc. over the property's useful life.